Twitter suspended me because automatic algorithms cannot effectively moderate social media

Fredrick Brennan
2 min readAug 29, 2022
“They bound off like an arrow or a crossbow pellet, certain that they are the arbiters of right and wrong. They cling to their position as though they had sworn before the gods, sure that they are holding on to victory. They fade like fall and winter — such is the way they dwindle day by day.” Zhuangzi 2.2, as translated by Burton Watson. Interesting to apply to Twitter and all of its users, including me.

I will make this brief.

On August 28th, Pauly0x posted the following:

Source: Wayback Machine. Twitter post ID: 1563716983203368960

I responded riffing on a popular meme I’ve seen used on Pauly’s page, the “go to jail” / “cyberpolice” meme. Indeed, the tweet above me had already riffed on this same motif.

Four replies, including mine. Source: WayBack. My reply’s ID: 1563728958918725634

Pauly0x liked this tweet. Despite my suspension, I can still see it and show you this:

Pauly, and three others, getting the obvious joke.

Pauly and I were mutual followers and had a long DM thread. The idea that this is how I’d make an actual threat is absurd. Ryder Ripps (

) can likewise vouch for the meaning of the tweet.

Please let Twitter know its error on my behalf. If this situation lasts longer than 3 days, I will come up with some game plan.

Until then, find me on Mastodon as Thanks for your attention. This post will be periodically updated as a resolution is found.

Update 29 August 2022 — six or so hours later: Unsuspended. I will have more to say later.