BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club, the highest market cap NFT) is racist. All that remains to be answered is: why?

Let neither perceived errors, nor purity tests, of the people who discovered this shield BAYC’s racism.

Losing faith in humanity.
Figure 1 —Both the SS Waffen Totenkopf, a Nazi emblem, and the BAYC logo have 18 teeth, despite the BAYC emblem having a very different design. Furthermore, the placement of elements is uncannily similar.¹
A “bored ape” wearing a hachimaki reading 「神風」, which BAYC claims is a “sushi chef headband”³ (it is not)
Attire of a real itamae (sushi chef, 板前). Even when headbands are used, they are not the hinomaru hachimaki (日の丸はちまき, ≈ “Japan flag headband”) depicted on the Bored Ape.





— “Irrational.” “Heroic.” “Stupid.”

Those were among the answers heard by the BBC when it asked three Tokyo men what they thought of the kamikaze pilots of WWII.

“Heroic?” said Mr. Takumi Ikezawa, looking for confirmation from Shunpei, his little brother. “Ha! I didn’t know you were so far right!”, came the reply.


Decades after the war, opinions about the kamikaze pilots remain divided. One reason is that the history has been used for political purposes.

1 神が吹き起こすという風。特に、元寇の際に吹いた激しい風。
2 第二次大戦末期、日本軍の特別攻撃隊に冠した名称。神風特別攻撃隊。→特攻隊
3 《2から転じて》その行為が向こうみずで人命を粗末にするたとえ。「神風運転」
4 昭和12年(1937)東京・ロンドン間を飛び、実飛行51時間余の記録を立てた国産の二人乗り飛行機。

1. A wind said to be the result of God’s intervention. Especially, the violent winds of the the Kamakura era (Mongol invasions of Japan).
2. During the Second World War, the name given to suicide squads of the military of the (Hirohito-era) Empire of Japan. Officially 神風特別攻撃隊 (Kamikaze Tokubetsu Kōgekitai — The Kamikaze Special Attack Forces). See also 特攻隊 (tokkōtai).
3. (Relates to №2) An analogy for how they behaved, with total indifference to human life. See also 神風運転 (kamikaze unten, literally “kamikaze-esque operation”)
4. A Japanese two-seater airplane that flew between Tokyo and London in 1937, setting a record of over 51 hours of total flight time.

An authentic WWII-era hachimaki for sale on eBay (source)
A kamikaze hachimaki given as a medal to a high ranking Imperial Japanese military officer. This version includes a poem. (source: eMedals auction W1425)
神風 Pepe compared to 神風 Bored Ape. Some hachimaki for Western buyers are also written wrong.
Twitter of Yuga Labs (@yugalabs). Note how the logo resembles a backwards Hebrew letter צ (tsadi) — the alt right love use of Hebrew; Kiwi Farms owner Joshua Moon’s Twitter handle used to be his name in Hebrew.
Provenance: Wilkinson, A. T.²
The four founders of BAYC. Source
The RR/BAYC logo.

By purchasing this Ryder Ripps artwork in the form of an NFT, you understand that this is a new mint of BAYC imagery, re-contextualizing it for educational purposes, as protest and satirical commentary. You cannot copy an NFT. Please see the RR/BAYC contract here to verify provenance: Etherscan. By reserving your RR/BAYC, you are purchasing a hold for an order that will be fulfilled or rejected/refunded by Ryder within 24h (Depending on the vibe of your wallet and the mood of Ryder at the time).
Source (click any ape artwork on page; emphasis mine)

Released with permission.

Owning a BAYC NFT, knowing its racist origins, is equivalent to owning a Klan uniform. Burn your BAYC NFT. Inform holders of BAYC NFT’s. Refuse to work with BAYC NFT avatars. This is a big deal. Do not allow this trolling campaign, or whatever the füçk it is, to continue.

This article is a response to the above video, entitled “BORED APE NAZI CLUB”, by Philion.



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