Defined correctly, mojibake (日本語:文字化け) refers to the characters displayed when one views a document intended for one encoding with the other encoding. You can easily create mojibake on the console:

$ echo うれしいこと 悲しいことも 全部まるめて | iconv -f latin1 -t utf-8  | (tr -d '[[\000-\037][\177-\237]]'; echo)
ããããã㨠æ²ãããã¨ã å¨é¨ã¾ããã¦


Behold, a useful program, which in the course of this article, we will write, and understand.

This program sorts Japanese text in the file lines. Let’s consider the following input of character names from Neon Genesis Evangelion:

To come up with our final abomination, we must come up with…

Using AppImages to rescue GNU/Linux abandonware.


kvkbd is a program for GNU/Linux. It is an on-screen keyboard. It was written for Qt 4 and KDE 4, both of which have found themselves dropped from mainstream repositories.

kvkbd is my favorite on-screen keyboard for Linux. I feel that it was dropped with no good alternative…

Transcription by @Lorenzo_del_T

This is a completely off-the-cuff recording about something I think is important.

I wanted to go over all of the ways that … or most of the ways — many of the ways; there are so many ways — that Jim Watkins could influence Q through…

Hello! I do almost all interviews, certainly many more than others involved in the space. In 2019 I gave almost 100 interviews / quotes for free. Be that as it may, there are certain things I don’t do.

I never do these anymore:

  • interviews where the final product will not…

In honor of a brave woman who a reliable source tells me embezzled 7,000,000 Philippine pesos (July 2020 exchange rate: $141,328.48) from 8chan’s owner, Jim Watkins.

Hello po Sir Jim
Opo sir. Of course, of course!
Okay sir I understand po
Yes po I will do all the papers

Well sir step one is the DOLE¹
Then step two, isang lagay,² then we pray
SEC, DTI, BIR, DOJ, SSS, PagIbig! …

Or, everything you wanted to know about why Mommy and Daddy are fighting, and many things you didn’t

The cases I know about

Watkins variously uses the names James Arthur Watkins, Jim Watkins, N. T. Technology, LLC, and Race Queen Inc. (A Philippine corporation.) …

21 February 2021

No one ever expects their country to stop existing, certainly not in their lifetime. Of course, we all know that historically, countries stop existing all the time. But yet for some reason, we all think that that could never happen to our country, especially not in this…

Thousands of people have died of COVID19. Thousands, perhaps millions, more will die. For many of those who don’t die, they will suffer lifelong impacts from mechanical ventilation.

Many stories have been covered in the press of victims. The first I remember seeing were the doomed passengers of the Diamond…

Or, in which a fat idiot learns that OpenGL isn’t actually that hard.

The goal of this tutorial/essay is to generate glyphs like these below, from my font «TT2020 Style G Italic»:

Now that I released v1 of TT2020, my typewriter font family which has nine versions of each glyph to break up monotony and look more authentic, I can explore optimization. …

Fredrick Brennan

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